St. Clements Bluff

Raleigh Buckler’s perfect life in rural St. Mary’s County, Maryland, has just come to a shattering end.  Her naval test pilot husband, Grant, has been killed in a flight accident, and Raleigh is left to pick up the brittle shards of that life.  She prefers to stay hidden away in her grief but is unwillingly dragged out of it by the contents of her husband’s will.

Grant has left Raleigh St. Clements Bluff, a house she didn’t even know he’d owned.  The last known owner was a distant uncle of Grant’s, William “Junior” Buckler.  Junior was from the “other side” of the Buckler family.

Raleigh learns from an old family scrapbook that St. Clements Bluff is a river front estate with a history as a stop on Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad.  Given that Tubman lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it is an exciting—but not necessarily surprising—revelation.

This seemingly noble background is darkened as Raleigh discovers that the house’s story as a safe house for escaping slaves is just the beginning of its dark and winding history.

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