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St. Clements Bluff
Some family secrets are best kept hidden…even from the family.
Released: July 29, 2023
ISBN:  978-1944745301
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Three Notch Safari
When the going gets tough, the tough…buy zebras
Status: Manuscript in Progress
Coming: July 2024

Breton Bay Blues
Between river and bay… lies a current of deceit and danger
Status: On Drawing Board
Coming: 2025

Forged in Liberty, A Revolutionary War Trilogy

Forged in Liberty, A Revolutionary War Trilogy
1) The Unrest, 1768-1774
2) The Rebellion, 1775-1776
3) The Triumph, 1777-1781
Status: Manuscript in progress
Coming: 2025

Lady of Ashes Series

A Grave Celebration
Released: November 17, 2016
ISBN: 978-1944745004
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Street of Tombs 
Coming:  2026
Status:  Manuscript almost complete

The Burial Club
Coming: 2027
Status:  In Plot Development

A Charitable Murder
Coming: 2028
Status:  In plot development

A Cold Winter’s Mourn
Coming: 2029
Status:  On drawing board